Client Experience

Seeing a Chinese medical practitioner is a very different experience than seeing a Western doctor. The initial visit with JoAnn will last between one and one and a half hours and includes an extensive history and a treatment. Follow-up visits last from forty-five minutes to an hour. Diagnosis is based on the initial interview and taking the pulse and looking at the tongue. Both pulse and tongue diagnosis are highly developed in Chinese medicine and are very useful tools for the practitioner.

Once JoAnn has completed the evaluation, the client lies covered on a treatment table and she inserts very fine, single use, disposable needles into selected points on the body. The client then relaxes with the needles in place for about twenty minutes. Many people fall asleep during treatments as acupuncture is extremely relaxing!

Some insurance companies will cover acupuncture services while others offer an affinity program whereby participants receive a discount for the service. Workers' compensation and auto insurance in accident cases will generally cover acupuncture.


Longfellow Holistic Health Center
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Health & Harmony
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The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden
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