Allergies? Blame ragweed, not goldenrod

Two lovely plants, delicate and innocent. But are they really so innocent? One causes intense allergy symptoms and the other gets blamed for it.

The top picture is ragweed, which is the true source of hay fever. You will barely notice its nondescript green flowers that send their pollen on the wind to pollinate its neighbors. On its way, the pollen enters the noses and eyes of people standing in the way causing sneezing, itchy eyes and wheezing---hay fever!

The bottom picture is goldenrod, drawing your attention with its graceful yellow flowers. Demure goldenrod quietly shares its pollen with insects, removing the need to send its pollen out on the wind. But it has the misfortune to bloom around the same time as ragweed and so takes the blame for those nasty hay fever symptoms.

Whatever the cause, however, acupuncture can help to relieve allergy symptoms.






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